I have no idea since when I started to hunt for cafes, prolly cuz I love chilling with my bunch instead of clubbing.We can really chill for hours, talking non-stop about different topics but I usually love going yumcha with my babes instead of the boyfie and bros cuz they always talk about dota :/ All girls night is the best lollll!

Found a nice place to chill in Cheras lately, a cafe called Chat & Chill  :
Located at 43 Jalan 1/119a Taman Bukit Hijau ( Cheras Taman Tayton), right beside Coco Steamboat, at the opposite road of Leisure Mall.
Seen a lot of my friends checked in to this place lately so yesterday boyfie and I decided to go there for dinner and have a look. It's funny how we end up bumping into some friends and chilled for hours. (Most of my friends are Cheras people, so I think it's the new hit place in Cheras)

Okay damn many choices , plus point for a chill place heh.

Here's what we had..
Grilled Pork Burger

Chocolate & Yam Milkshake 
Cheese Baked Pork Rice

Breakfast Set (lolll some people like to eat breakfast at night.)

Chicken Cheese Steak!!

I remember they have a lot selections for their Western menu and the price is actually quite cheap for steaks.Maybe it's their speciality and if I'm not wrong, they're all under RM20.Hmm, next time can come here for cheap and nice steaks already :D 

Or maybe a new lunch place...


YES!!! New nice place for Shisha ♥ I went to a lot place that offers shisha but it's either a expensive cafe or a mamak.lolll. Hard to find cafe that offers a good enviroment, cheap + wide range of food & drinks and shisha so now I know why so many of my friends switch their old yumcha place to Chat & Chill.

Okay don't say I never tell, I also just found out about this only.
Everytime you dine/chill in Chat & Chill, remember to show the staff that you “liked” and checked into Chat & Chill on Facebook, to get 10% discount off a single bill.
No wonder why so many people check in to their place, not bad huh?
Remember to Like their facebook for more updates & promotions : https://www.facebook.com/ChatAndChill?ref=ts&fref=ts

Okay, that's it for today :) Maybe someday we'll meet in Chat & Chill.lolll.