Didn't blog for 3 days already I feel so guilty and I can't sleep with the guilt! SO I MUST BLOG NOW :X Been MIA for 2 days and I guess everyone knows that I went for the Golden Disk Award @ Sepang, I even did live tweeting cuz I know some of you love K-pop and couldn't make it, will blog about it soon after I get some pictures. Stay tuned!

I guess the recent hit topic everyone is talking about -- Listen.... Listen, listen, listen... If you don't know about it you should really watch it else you can just skip this blog post.lol

Or you can watch it with chinese subtitles here

Here's some thoughts I have on mind :
1. I think Sharifah is really rude to stop Bawani from speaking. Don't they tell you to LISTEN until they're done? Who's the one disrespectful now. Respect the adults? Bullshit. Look at her, as an adult, she should also respect Bawani, not throwing a shit whole of humiliation in front of everybody by comparing her to Bawani's level of education.

2. I don't really understand what's wrong with comparing our country to others, it's a part of making our country a better place. Bawani is brave enough to speak what she had on mind, I bet she did a lot of research and just wanted an answer. Sad thing is, Sharifah couldn't give her answers so she rather stop her from speaking #fail

3. What I learn from Sharifah is when you don't have answers, just drag them to animal topics to confuse them and END it by giving out a samsung galaxy. Wtf is on her mind? I don't get her logic, what did cats and dogs and even sharks did to her? 

4. I think we can totally make a song of Sharifah's Listen.Boom Boom Boom Listen X 24882 + dubstep...it's Remixxx bitch... #troll

Lastyly, I really hope that Sharifah could make an apology to Bawani, but from what I see, Sharifah is a person full with ego so I don't think it's gonna happen. One good thing for Bawani is she gained so much respect from us. Salute!

Okay, gonna sleep now, CANT WAIT FOR SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA - ONE LAST TOUR tomorrow!!!!!