Hello hello! Can you believe it's going to be February in 3 days, 2nd month of the year yo. I've been shopping so much for CNY and I just found out that most of the clothes I bought are in Black. No reds at all #fml how does that happen??? I thought I've set red as my first color option, how did I end up buying blacks :/ Haven get new underwears yet so I guess I shall buy red bras and panties. lolll. Gonna do a CNY haul post soon after I'm done shopping...I think I'm 90% done, the10% is gonna be red bras & panties. hahaha.

Anyway, discovered a new coffee place, Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Publika // Solaris Dutamas ~ There's actually a lot of coffee shop/cafe around that area, maybe I should try them one by one :P I have no idea since when I started enjoying coffee, well at least I found a new interest now! Coffee shop hunting :D

Apparently I didn't know anything about coffee...

 Sunny Bun for me! Added bacons cuz I iz bacon lover :X

 Cheesy Ham sandwich for the baby sis.

The first time I came here ordering a hot mocha, it comes with a hello kitty coffee art.
 So cute right!! 
Their Barista (@samtanz) recognizes me and left me a comment telling me that we can actually request for different coffee art.

The second time I came, I really went to request for another coffee art. I asked her to draw something different, and she did...
 Totoro!!!!!!!! SO CUTE HOW TO DRINK?!?!??!
 I feel bad for destroying the coffee art after that :/ 

 Totoro Mocha for me and Pooh bear Dark Chocolate for baby sis. 

Somehow I feel like learning coffee art too, I'm serious!!!! I even went to search for coffee art tutorial in youtube...

 Looks really easy maaa......... on the video.... 

Lastly, OOTD
 Topshop Camo sweater //  Topshop Leigh pants // Black Converse All Stars // HLWN Balenciaga Fake Print Bag //