After blogging about Reebonz, I wanna share another interesting site Kwerkee by Reebonz, a website dedicated to design. If you haven make up your mind on getting what gift for your valentine, you might be interested with my ideas.

I know some of you are single so if you're planning to get something for someone you're seeing, my advice is find something special by looking into his/her interest. Something that speaks, telling him that you know him more than anyone and grab his attention. LOL.

Something like this.

(For guys)
Darth Vader digital clock.
I think my boyfie will be so happy to receive this eventhou he didn't really watch star wars.loll If you're a guy and a girl got this for you for Valentine's, I bet you'll be interested with her.

A very unique watch designed by the Japanese. You know guys lah, they love things that draws people attentions. Robot watch like this sure gets a lot of attention so when people ask where he get it, it'll be you :P

(For Girls)
No girls can resists jewelleries and this red Luise Keller Bracelet got I LOVE YOU message somemore. If this one is too obvious maybe try getting this turqoise one.

It says “ When Life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile
HAHAHA sure touch her heart especially if she just broke up.lollll.

Baking set if she loves to bake.
Or you can buy yourself a baking set and bake a cake for your lover. I think it's quite normal for girls to bake cakes for guys but IF A GUY BAKES A CAKE FOR A GIRL sure lamm sei ( melt die ).

Okay I had a lot fun sharing Valentine's ideas, hope it'll help you!hahaha!

There's more cool and unique stuff at so go check it out!!!Also, Like Kwerkee Facebook page for new updates ~

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Hope you enjoy ~