I guess I'm the last one to blog about Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour @ Sunway Lagoon that happened last Friday.To be honest I think the part was not as happening as I imagined. Maybe it's the venue and the weather that night. It was Swedish House Mafia ONE LAST TOUR so the crowd was crayyyyy. Heard that tickets were all sold out !!!!! I bet party people loves rave party definitely got themselves tickets. Sadly it was quite disappointing :( They should have brought the party to a bigger space, Sepang perhaps? 

Anyway, me and the girls planned to do something different that night, COLORFUL EYEBROWS! Inspired by Pearypie, a famous make up artist from Thailand. I purposely went to Sephora before heading to the party just to use testers for the eyebrows lol #cheapskate, used pink eyeliners and eyeshadow, kinda fail at first but then I went home to touch up using pink lipstick and eyebrow mascara etc, simply brush them and tadaaaa....

I think I just passed the test.. At least I think I can carry pink brows. #pinkisthenewblack/brown XD

My girls did a great job too!!!!!
WE DEFO ROCKED THE BROWS ;)  We shall plan something for the next rave party.

 Here's some pics of the night!
 IDK YTF I WINKED SO MUCH :/ I just don't know why...

If I'm not wrong, the party ended around 11.45pm, I JUST HOPE THEY'RE GONNA DO A SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA COMEBACK TOUR after 2 years.lol.

Lastly, vain selca of me and my pink brows..
PS:// necklace is actually a hairband, from TopFashion  ~