Feel so inactive on doing anything recently cuz of the stupid SYABAS issue. It's almost a week without water supply in my house area and I heard that some areas were facing this issue for more than 10 days. FTS.

I have to go all the way to the boyfie's house which located in Puchong (about 30 mins journey from my house) everyday just to take a bath. Wanted to go out on the afternoon, I can't shower, can't wash my hair, can't really cleanse my face (only cleanse it with water so my skin look like shit now)... so I rather stay at home and wait until the boyfie done with his work and fetch me to his place.


I have limited water at home so we really have to use it wisely cuz WE DONT KNOW WHEN ARE WE GONNA HAVE OUR WATER SUPPLY BACK. Some even said there will be no water supply till cny. I really hope it's just rumors...


lastly, F*CK U SY*BAS I DONT CARE WTF IS WRONG BUT U HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX THIS ASAP. ALSO F*CK U POLITICS cuz some said this shit have something to do with political issues. F*CKKKKKK. 

Okay, positive thinking mode on thou I'm still trying to find the positive part of this shit :)