It seems that I got quite good feedback from you guys about my previous setting-your-2013 resolutions blog post.Hmmm, which also inspires me to blog more about topics like that lah.There's alot of thoughts in my mind and anything I blog here is my personal thoughts so if I offended you please don't hate me haaa cuz everyone has their own thoughts and you can always share your thoughts to me too!

I said before that I don't like seeing people tweeting about emo stuff, about life or relationships and sometimes they're tweeting as it's like the end of the world and there's no way back and things like that. I know friends who are super emo, even my best friend Daphne is consider a very negative person, a emo baby, a very low self-esteem person but I can feel that she is so much tougher now than I first know her and I know that she's getting better and better.I think people who reads her blog since years ago can see the changes in her.

I know everyone has their ups and downs, has their struggles in life, including me, I have my own problems and shits to deal with but there's always a choice.

You can be frustrated the whole day asking why does god treat you like this, why can't I have a better life, why do I have to do this, why am I going through this shit and spoil your mood for the entire day.What's next? Waking up in a shitty mood cuz you already predicted that you're gonna go through the same shit. 


You can always choose to THANK GOD that you're still alive to make things right.

Nothing is too late. What you're going through now will definitely help you on being a better person. It's just that whether you want to give yourself a chance and put a lil bit more effort each and everyday. OF CUZ MAGIC WONT HAPPEN IN ONE DAY LAH. Do you think Obama magically become the first black President in one day? How many struggles he been through, how many years of effort. Okay maybe taking him as example has gone to BUT WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY IS, it is important to have positive thoughts.

You can start by being thankful. There's so much things to be thank for so don't tell me you can find anything thankful kay!!!!

No you can't kill all the negative thoughts but you can at least be a lil bit happier. Everyone loves happy people and do you know being Happy brings you Luck???

I guess thats it for today :D Hope you enjoy!!