Another Saturday night thou it's the first Saturday of 2013, I'm at home thinking what should I blog..
Maybe a post about positive thinking since some of you are hoping read more about it.Honestly I have no idea how to start, totally not an expert on consultation so what you'll be reading below is just my own thoughts.

Maybe I'll start with... Have you done your 2013 resolutions yet? Or you have no idea what you want to achieve, or you're afraid to list down?

If you still have no idea, let's play a game :
and they will be your 2013 resolutions.
 NO CHEAT AH, the first 3 words!!

So now you got your 2013 resolutions.

You prolly get something that you think it can never happen on you.Yes, it wont happen to you if you don't even dare to trust that it will happen.When you want something so badly , you will get it no matter how hard is it. So it's up to you if you want it to be true :)

I know sometimes some things are impossible to achieve, but don't you feel good even if you only achieve part of it? Do you know when you start achieving a lil bit, you will want more, you'll crave for the taste of satisfaction. It's better than you stay inside your safe circle telling yourself that it's impossible. You gotto have faith on yourself.

Sometimes I do have doubts on myself too, I'm afraid that what if I wanted to do something and no one is there to support me? Or people start talking bullshit that it's not gonna happen cuz it's me. Who am I. How do I dare to dream. Too many negative thoughts but in other way I want to beat their words, let them talk about how am I gonna fail and prove them wrong, I just want that moment to come. Even if I failed I'll gain experience that will help me on my next plan, bigger and better plans. Better than not trying and get nothing :D


Lastly, you might be asking what's the 3 words I got :

Now let's see if I can achieve them this year :P