's the 4th day of 2013 already is anyone still in the holiday mode? I think most of you go back to school or back to work already right? Bet most of you can't wait for CNY now cuz I AM!!! I've been buying red and gold color stuff for CNY already or when my babes ask me what color of *shoes/bag/shirt/anything..* should they get I will say "Red, cuz CNY mah" lolllll Now I just hope that I wont end up wearing all red on CNY :/ 

Anyway, gonna blog a lil bit about my NYE.Honestly I don't remember how I spend my last year's NYE ... gonna search for that blog post later.But this time was a memorable one, we were invited to join Javene's family NYE party @ Dome, KLCC. I know right, KLCC on a New Year Eve, I can't believe I dare to go KL on a NYE lolll, luckily my house to KLCC it's just a 10 mins journey, using a highway that lead us straight to the parking lot, no traffic jam at all.

Didn't really take much pictures that night cuz I was kinda paiseh to ask them not to eat cuz I wanna take pic, so.....yea....anyways... WE ATE ALOT!! Thanks to baby Javene for the invites and Papa Tan for the treat.

There's some drama happen while we were heading out to watch the fireworks. We kinda got into a fight with the security cuz we didnt know that the area we went to was closed.They did not put a sign or notice saying that it's closed or lock the doors.I remember Oppa Gangnam Style was playing and we were Gangnam jumping at that area suddenly a bunch of security guards RUN in and PULLED us out rudely.Once they came in they did not warn us about the place was close down and we weren't suppose to be there, they just shout "KELUAR!!!!!!!!" and PULLED everyone in a very rude way.Like we ran out from jail and they want us back in that type of rude. We were like WTF? and there goes the drama.I still remember a security throw Papa Tan's friend's phone cuz she was taking pictures/video of the fight, so rude!!Hopefully KLCC will take some action.

Luckily we manage to watch the fireworks after that...

So prettyyyyyy...thou I think the one in disneyland nicer la..but it's my first time to watch KLCC fireworks that near.

We went for second round after that at Huan's house.lolll.

Lastly, NYE outfit.
 Dreamscape croxx top, White pants, Nekomimi hat, Topshop bag.
Nakedkimchi nude boots.