Time flies it's now 2013 and I haven get used to it.It's quite funny how that everyday I wake up it seems like nothing much happen but when I look back, there is changes in me.Pysically and mentally. I read some of my old posts and I actually feel like killing my self for blogging stupid things.lolll But I will never delete my old posts cuz it's part of my life.At least I know that I'm growing up..

Just read about my 2012 resolutions and I think that I didn't take it seriously :( I think only achieved like 3.5 out of 10 #fml.THIS YEAR I MUST STICK TO THE PLAN..or at least make more effort than ever cuz I'm 21 now.

2013 Resolutions :
#1 Business Plannings
Can't tell you what am I up to right now, but I really hope that I can make it by this year.So much plannings to be done!!I really want to make the Lau family proud, I really mean it *I must make it happen, I must make it happen, I MUST MAKE IT HAPPEN*

#2 Travel to places I've never been to
First of all destination, I WANT TO GO TOKYO.How many years I've been waiting?Other places that I would like to go..Seoul, Paris, New York, Santorini, Taipei (again) ..*finger cross I get to go at least one..*

#3 Pick up at least one new hobby
I actually got a list of interest: DJ courses , English language + speaking courses, prolly Japanese language too.. and maybe get back to modelling

#4 Attend more events and meet more people
I think I'm stepping out from my awkward box so hopefully this year I will be better and better!Welcome to the adulthood where socializing is a plus point on becoming a successful person.

Hopefully I can make more money and maybe get more sponsorship so I can save alot :P HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA..... I'm serious. 

#6 Be successful
Not sure whether is this same as #1 but I must work hard and put more effort to make everything happen.

#7 Become an influence.
I'm a very positive person, not to say I never get emo about things but I think people who knows me knows that I don't really give a shit on stupid things that will affect my emotions. Things I mostly get mad on is when I see people giving up on themselves.Honestly, everyone made mistakes, everyone made wrong decisions, it's a part of your life, it's a part of growing, there's nothing too late if you make an effort to be someone better ;) 

So far I can only think of 7 things I want to do/achieve.loll I just listed down the most important ones, hopefully 2013 will be good to me, well at least the world did not end on 2012 so 2013 will be better!!!!GO GO GO!!!!

How bout you?Maybe you should do a post about your 2013 resolutions and share it to me too!!!