Few more weeks till cny! Not sure whether am I done shopping for cny, I just keep on spoting nice stuff and then used cny as excuse to buy it fml. I bought damn a lot new stuff cuz it's sales season, thought of keeping it to wear on cny but I actually started wearing some new stuff and then make excuse to buy more #girlsbeinggirls

Can't wait for cny but I don't want it to end so soon. Lol I don't know what I want...

It's like I just done shopping in malls and went home, turn on the internet, online shopping. HAHAHA DAMN IT TECHNOLOGY. But sometimes I prefer online shopping cuz normally their price are cheaper. So right, sometimes when I go shopping in Sg Wang or Time Square, I will think twice before buying anything. I remember I bought a top from Sg Wang then came home and found out that someone is selling the same exact thing online in 3 X cheaper. Lesson learnt.

Like recently I bought some stuff from Nile.com.my ..
Star sweater, leather leggings and studded skull clutch for me, all togther cost less than RM70. Also got boyfie one leather jacket after surfing their menswear section ( I rarely see menswear selling online so yea, finally found one lol.).

Guess what, I saw the exact same star sweater in F88 selling it for RM99 and I got it for RM19.80 from Nile.com.my .Same quality, same everything. I SAVED ALMOST RM80 and the feeling is so damn gooddddd. Luckily Nile didn't cheat me cuz they stated “ Guaranteed Low Prices“ so if I bought something that is selling cheaper outside, we can actually claim back the price differents money.I know right, it's my first time seeing an online website offering such thing, they must be really confident.
Boyfie is happy with his new jacket!hehehe!!! Asked him to guess how much I bought my star sweater, his answers are not even close. When I told him it's only RM19.80 he thought I was playing with him -.-”

Was planning to keep the clutch till cny but I couldn't wait!! Brought it to SHM party ~ Guesswhat, I got it for RM 26.50 only. Mad cheap and the quality is so much better than what I expected.

Another one is they also have this “ Satisfaction Guaranteed “.Can refund or exchange anything after receiving (in 7 days) as long it's clean and good in condition until you're satisfied. Not bad..

Oh ya, I also bought a gym bar thingy for the boyfie.har har har.

Just watched this video I think we put it too low.loll

My brother got one at his room and the boyfie want one after trying it long time ago and guess what, I got it for RM28.90 only. My brother is so gonna hate me cuz he got it for RM120 from somewhere, hahaha. #girlfriendquality kay, always go for the cheaper ones. Also from Nile :X

Btw, they shipped things damn fast, I got mine the next morning. So if you want to shop for CNY can check it out at http://www.nile.com.my

Of course, have to thank Daphne for introducing this website on her blog, didn't know about it until she did a review :) hehehe, happy shopping ~