Few more days till Chinese New Year. I'm not sure whether I'm ready yet but so far I dyed my hair, cleaned my room and house and toilet, got my 旗袍 qi pao, bought new shoes, new bags and new clothes... but I'm not sure am I done with cny shopping :/  (still using cny as an excuse to buy stuff lollll)

Trimmed bangs and dyed my hair at 76style ! Yoshi said the color is Chuckei Beige. hahaha.

Okay! Gonna share with you all my CNY haul :D
旗袍   Daddy Lau got it for his babies. hehehehe. 

 My clothes are not even close to the CNY theme. fml 

 Outer wear that I'm not sure whether I will wear for CNY :/Also, the only red item...

Bottomssss. The gold and silver skirts that brings out some CNY feel. Or maybe the just the gold.

Shoes Shoes Shoes.
 Snake year must have some snake prints ( Nakedkimchi) , totally have no idea where did that logic came from.

Bags or bag and clutch. 

MY PHILIP LIM 3.1 MINI PASHLI that took almost 1 month to arrive. I don't understand why every time my parcel from overseas always got o hold in custom. Me and Nana bought the bag on the same time, from the same site but only mine kena hold in custom. Ugh. Thank god it's here. Fyi, I experienced missing parcel before so I was damn scared. ( Missing parcel was from Asos, they resend my parcel again but I never receive. Asked for tracking number, they don't have it. goddammit )

I guess that's it so far. OH!! I haven got red panties for CNY. lolll, got red bra but I don't wanna post lah so weird :X I think I still have some new stuff that I forgot to post. BUT I THINK MY CNY HAUL IS QUITE FAIL. I shall shop for some red clothes tomorrow :X

Btw, going to get my nails done tomorrow! hehehe. Gonna find some nail inspirations nowwww ~