My CNY came early this year, had my very first CNY celebration with PETRONAS this year. Feel so honoured to be one of the guest bloggers to attend PETRONAS 5 Pillars of Happiness Pledge event @ KLCC last Saturday.

Me & Cheesie.

In conjuction with the launch of the Chinese New Year campaign, PETRONAS made a pledge to contribute for the less fortunate. 
Datuk Mohammad Medan Abdullah giving out ang pows to 28 children from Rumah Keluarga Kami. They came from one of the six charity homes that will benefit from Petronas' Chinese New Year campaign Five Pillars of Happiness: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition.

I don't remember when was the last time I've seen a lion dance performance, so I was really excited to watch the 5 “lions” that represents the 5 Pillars of Happiness : 福 祿 壽 康 寧 , LUCK, WEALTH, LONGEVITY, HEALTH & TRANQUILLIT ~

It was my first lou sang of the year!

Besides that, we are one of the first to watch their CNY short film, Tou Fu Fah .
PETRONAS produces very emotional and heartwarming short films every year but this one is my favorite!
First of all, I love Tou Fu Fah.lolll. Nolah, I really love the storyline, really sweet especially in the end when the old couple took out the old bicycle stall. Reminds me of my grand parents, my grand parents are still that sweet until today :')

Btw, Jinnyboy is one of the ambassador for this campaign!

Speaking about the pledge,
Now it's your turn!
Click here to make your pledge : NOW!!!