I don't remember when was the last time I wear a cheong sam/qi pao 旗袍, I think it was 10 years ago. Felt so damn excited to wear it after I knew Daddy Lau got us girls each two qi paos all the way from Shanghai. Hehehe. AND FINALLY IT'S CNY!!! It's already Chor 2 now but I decided to blog about Chor 1 first since I have nothing to do now. 

OOTFDOCNY ( outfit of the first day of cny. hahhaha )

I'm quite glad that my kampung is in KL :P My grandparents ( father's side ) lives just beside my house and My mom's side is just 10 minutes away from my house. Damn near.

I seriously have no idea what to blog about CNY. I guess no one is so free to read blogs this timing anyway, you guys should be busy gambling :X  ( my blog stats drop damn kaw, sadnya. ) SO I shall just post pictures and some captions to entertain you :P

Grandparent's house got this pretty 迎春花 so CNY feel
 ( Just googled for 迎春花 and the flowers are all yellow so... idk what are these flowers...)

Me in my pretty qi pao beside pretty flowers. hehehe. I think I damn layan for my captions. lolll.

 The Lau Family are dog lovers and this is my cousin's dog Mini! Same name with my Mini. Didn't bring my Mini over cuz she's damn scare of them. idk why.

 Mini : " Dafuq am I doing here. "


 Lucky the pekingese. SOO FLUFFYYYY.

 Mini again.

♡ Grandma damn cute she insisted to have the pretty 迎春花 in the picture.

Besides getting angpows and the first day of CNY for my family is also about being a vegan. This is my dinner at uncle's house ( mother's side ) 

 Couzie's kitty.

 My nephew baby Jacob cuteness attack.


Random fake sleep.

Headed home and took a power nap for the 3rd round at friend's house. Apparently my power nap doesn't help me, lose quite a bit yesterday :( I guess that's it for my Chor 1. Gonna go get ready for Daddy's birthday dinner later. Hehehehe. 

Wish you all 恭喜發大財 蛇年行大運 財運滾滾來 身體健康 青春美麗

if can, 紅包拿來 lolll.           Just kidding.