The second day of CNY is all about Daddy Lau's Birthday. Daddy's actual birthday is on the 19th of Feb but we usually celebrate his birthday according to the Lunar Calender which falls on Chor 2. This year, we celebrated his birthday at Xin's Cuisine @ Concorde Hotel.

This year, us Lau sisters decided to wear the long qi pao daddy bought for us. 
I'm really glad that this year we get to wear qi pao for CNY. Hopefully we get to wear it every year.hehehe.
 Look extra fat beside this two skinny people T.T

The boys also have tang zhuang ~

I'm quite impress with the food that night cuz the dinner we had on nian 29 ( day before cny) was damn bad. Like seriously damn bad. Cannot imagine how we survived.lolll. *choi*

Anyway, here's some of the dishes we had that night :
 Yee Sang is a must! I actually only eat the biscuits... is there anyone same like me??? 

Lou ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! This shot taken with my phone.. not bad mahhh

 Shark fin soup... 

 Pork something... my god I seriously cannot remember food names. or describe food. 
 Baby Jacob !!!!!!!

 Cake session.

 Lau Family

 My lovely grandparents ~

 Qi Pao from China, Nakedkimchi clutch.

Zara flats.