Can't believe FMFA ended already.... I just done editing ASOT600 (FMFA DAYONE) pics so I guess I shall just blog about day one now. My very first plan was to combine 2 days in one post but I haven even start editing day two pics so I guess I'll leave till tomorrow :X 

Today is all about A STATE OF TRANCE. Nolah it's actually about us in ASOT. lol.
FYI,I listen to trance music everyday because my moms is a super die hard trance fan, she blast it everyday to do her daily exercise. I know right. My mom. She was like " why you never tell me Armin is here :( If daddy is in KL I sure go with daddy." HAHAHAHHA. Emo mama. She even ask is Hardwell coming. lolllllllllll

I forgotten how old am I when I first started listening to trance. Prolly 5-6 years ago when my brothers boom boom pow Tiesto in their room and I was like " woah so disco sounds like this " HAHAHA, then they told me it was trance.

Anyway, I'm not a super trance fan but I was quite sad that we went ASOT super late, missed W&W, Cosmic Gate etc and we came just in time for Armin Van Buuren. Blame to guys who don't give a shit about trance :(((((( 

We had our party make up (sorta) on inspired by Pearypie again! 
 Yea, shit me for choosing "star", IT IS DAMN HARD TO DRAW A PERFECT STAR. but I think I did a great job lol.

 Sissy got cross and she shud just tattoo her pink brows. hahahha

 Evangeline with dots. I shud just do dots too cuz from far my star look like a dot -.- 

 X X X Cherrie.

Heart shapepu for nanako.


They were like...Ain't got time for that.

Seriously have no idea what dafuq I was doing. but I like my left side profile. hahahaha.

Typical group shot.

F*cking love this JC inspired shoes from Nakedkimchi , wore them for 2 days.
( Actually wanted to buy the actual JC when I was in bkk, luckily I didn't cuz Nakedkimchi ones are so much lighter !!!)