Our plan for FMFA is to get wet cuz there'll be Lapsap Pool Party at the pool area so we didn't put much make up on. Plan canceled last minute we were told that we can't bring water guns in and the pool is actually very dirty :X 

We reached Sepang around 6 - 7pm, just in time to catch Rita Ora at the Flamingo stage. Regretted that we should have gone earlier so we can take more sunlight pictures. But also regretted that we went back so early. TOTALLY MISSED PRODIGY N BLOC PARTY. HOW CAN WE MISS THE HIGHLIGHT OF FMFA? I have seriously no idea who wanted to go back :( #fail

Didn't really take much pics that night cuz I just feel like enjoying the party atmosphere.hahaha.

Everyone was waiting for PSY oppa.

HAHAHA photobomb guy.

Floral Crop Top from Bangkok // H&M High Waisted Pants

Mother of burger. 
Heard that people have to que at Burger Lab for at least 2 hours to taste it but thank god they brought it to FMFA, it took us 10 mins :P

Crop top + High Waisted pants = Rave

Lastly, here's a video Ashley did for FMFA!!

Hope you enjoy!