Gonna blog our 4th Anniversary dinner that we just had earlier. I really need to be as efficient as now so I could keep my blog updated. hehehe. We didn't really plan how should we celebrate so we just did the old school anniversary dinner. 

I actually googled for romantic restaurants, but most of them are fine dine. Honestly I still don't know how to appreciate fine dining after I tried it for a few times , I just feel that it's really stressful to eat somewhere so atas. No offense har, I will still go someday if I won lottery or it's free or if I really have the extra money to spend lolll :X Boyfie treat is still consider free but I just can't!!! I'll feel so heartache for using his hard earn money to eat so expensive stuff that eventually will become feces or in our words, shit :X :X :X  Okay maybe someday I grew older and I will realize the beauty of fine dine, just not now....

End up we decided to go Alexis @ Ampang for our anniversary dinner cuz all I had in my mind was their Tiramisu cake. Screw dinner, I want my Tiramisu cake. hahahaha.
  Patiently waiting for our food to arrive.

 Green Apple Mojito Soda ♥

 Baked button mushroom tapas as our starter, seriously it's damn good!!!!

 Wrong expression bro... didn't take expression classes from your baby girl?

 Here comes the mushroom... : O

 My main, Lamb cutlet. Yummy but I don't get what was the yellow bits, it tastes like rice... blended rice???

Boyfie's Seafood Spaghett. Still think La Risata's the best!

 Random selca while waiting for...

 Tiramisuuuuuuuuu cakeeeeeeee ♡

 Happy girl is happy.  
BTW THAT IS NOT CHILI SAUCE!!!! It's some berry sauce that looks like chili sauce.loll

 Once again, HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY BB ♡♡♡♡