Remember when we're young, we used to write essays about our dream job or who we want to be when we grew up. I was kinda inspired to blog about this cuz until now, I still have that lil hope that I could be who I want to be. 

I know most of us when we're young ( as in 7 years old young ), we want to be a doctor / teacher / nurse ( cuz we some of us prolly scare of blood ) / football player etc very common ones but I can tell you that when I was that young, I wanted to be a fashion designer.I still remember I asked my chinese teacher how to say people who make clothes ( was too young to learn the word"Designer") in english /chinese, she actually told me "Tailor" 裁縫師  which was wrong. So for years I've been thinking I wanted to be a tailor until I was 10, I found out that I want to become a fashion designer 設計師 NOT a tailor. LOLLL.

Until I reach 14/15, I wanted to be a model cuz I grew taller and gone slimmer ( USED TO BE 45kg but I'm like 51 kg right now T.T ) and my aunty who was a model told me "Kei, you should go for modeling lah" so I was like.. maybe I can model too? I really went to go for photoshoots to set up my modelling profile hope someday I could use it.

On the same time, I was so into Japanese gyaru fashion after reading Japanese magazines like Popteen which I borrowed from my sister Jill. Colorful clothes, big eyes, fake lashes, dyed hair, I was dying for holiday to come so I can dye my hair, make up and stuff like that. Started buying other Japanese magazines and moved from Popteen to Vivi. 

There's this moment that I wish someday I get to model in Japan or maybe someday I get to walk TGC like Lena Fuji did. I EVEN WENT TO LEARN JAPANESE MYSELF. I formed this small Japanese learning group with a few schoolmates when I was 16, we went to Time Square Borders to read japanese learning books. I think we made it for 3 times only and Idk why we stopped. But I did learn some japanese through youtube. I knew how to read Hiragana and a lil bit of Kanji but I forgotten almost everything right now. I was so so so inspired,

I really did become a model. I don't even dare to call myself a model when I only been through those freelance photoshoot until I got my very first modeling job in Taiwan after I graduated from highschool. Lucky me. I sorta become a model. I did one/two bridal related modelling jobs but in my heart, I always wanted to be a fashion model. No, don't get me wrong, I just think that I want to be excited to wear my wedding dress when it comes someday in the future. I don't want to kill the excitement if I already wore it too many times :X

I'm a blogger right now and I never expected that we can actually earn through blogging. It's like the best job ever where you get paid to do things you like. Who am I, why do I deserve this? To be honest, I think it was all LUCK. I am just like you. I can't explain how lucky I am to have so many of you who followed my blog for years and still following. Maybe we never meet before but it feels great to have someone behind to support what I'm doing. I really hope someday I could be someone inspirational by being me and inspire you through my blog.


I still want to be a fashion designer, I still dream to become a model in Japan but first I got to loose some weight.lolwtf.

I prolly dream too big but I enjoy dreaming.... so if you think I'm crazy...
I am.