It seems that I got quite good feedbacks for the previous blog post. I'm really glad that you guys did spend time to read my blog, not just scrolling pictures. lol. I mean there's a lot of things to share with you all, just that sometimes I was so inspired to write about somethings but I never finish it and deleted everything :X The last one was plain random, I didn't realize I blogged a whole essay about my dreams. Thank you for spending that 3 minutes to read it and another 2 minutes to leave a comment. Appreciate it so much ♡ ♡ ♡

Well, gonna do a picture-post today. It's Nuffnang 6th Birthday @ Lush KL and it's also my first time to attend Nuffnang's birthday party. I know right! Joined Nuffnang for 3 years + already I am surprise that it's my first time. Missed last year's at Neverland Club due to underage issue :X

Theme for this year is Red / Yellow / Pink / Green / Blue + Headphones. I wore red and borrowed a red headphone but sad to say that most of the people didn't stick to the theme :X Maybe this years theme is a bit to unclear so hopefully next year will be better ~ ( Like the one in Singapore! They did retro !!!! )

  Red Zara Blazers | Stripes top from Bangkok | H&M Leather pants

Nakedkimchi Boots

Red & Blue love ♡

Miss pinky Ashley made some effort on the pink brows.

Audrey's headphone is totally on her head...buns.

Cheesie hairbones are so cuteeee.

Natsaw didn't even put effort lollll.

Me and Nana consider the most well dressed one I guess.lollll 

Ma fav Duo who came late but looking super hotttt.

I iz purrrddyyyy?

Last but not least,