Today I feel like blogging something bout me, I think I've been blogging too much of events and it seems like there's a lot of you love it when I blog about ME. I like it too cuz it's like a bonding session with you just that I'm now facing the laptop. hahaha.

I don't really talk about relationships but I can tell you some girly girlfriend side of me...

Random topic of the day will be : What is romantic to me. 

1. Watching a late night home movie until we both fall asleep.
THIS IS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING EVER. To me. I never tried before but I think it's really romantic. Fyi, I have curfew and I don't have the permit to go overnight at boyfies house so I'm really looking forward to someday. lolll 

2. Having bubble bath together.
THIS IS LIKE THE 2ND MOST ROMANTIC THING TO DO EVER. Please don't think about dirty stuff!!! I think it's really romantic when a couple spend time in a bath tub talking about their dreams and future. Also, never tried before. hahaha. ( under 18 please don't even think about it :X ) Btw, pic is a scene from the movie NANA.

3. Theme park date.
I think it's really fun to take all the theme park rides with the love one. Maybe we should even do a Theme Park list.. so far we only been to hk Disneyland.

4. Good Morning texts.
Got it everyday but I still think it's really romantic. hahhaha. I will be quite upset if he forgot :/

5. When he has a plan (where to go/ what to do/ what to eat)
NORMALLY I DO THE PLANNINGS so I think it's really romantic if he decided everything and I just have to enjoy. But I still think girls do most of the plannings cuz guys have no idea what we want :X 

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So far I can think of 5 only, I think I have more but I don't really know is that even inside the romantic category. hahahhaa. Plus I think my level of romantic is actually very low :/ and affordable lolllll. Anyway, hope you enjoy and do share with me about what if romantic to you too! ♥ ♥ ♥

End it with one of my fav music video, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.