When I slowly grow up, I started to hate listening to bullshits. 
I hate how some people couldn't accept the fact that someone is getting better than them.
I hate how they don't accept people can change.

I have no idea why some people could actually say that they can't wait to see some one fails. I heard so much shits people says about someone and they mostly came out from people who don't even dare to make a change in their life.

There's 2 option in life : Change or Remain. 

Most people choose to stay who they are right now because they are too lazy to deal, too lazy to think, too lazy to even dream about something cuz they thought it'll never happen. Yeap. It's not a wrong decision, this is what they want for life. Simple enough.

What I hate about is when they started to say something bad enough to stop people from chasing their dream. People who can't take it might back down and stay remain. People who don't give a shit will still do whatever they can to reach their dream. It might not work on you but your theory doesn't apply to anyone else out there.

What's next?
"I can't wait to see he/she fails.."
Seriously what if they really failed in some part? What does it have to do with your life? Nope, Nothing. Maybe a laugh cuz you told them so.
But for them, they gain something called "experience".
Don't you think that most of the successful people in the world right now FAILED before? Some failed for so many times but if they realize what they did wrong and tries again, they eventually success.

You can live your simple life but do not stop people who wants a better life.
Besides bullshitting on how someone will fail, why not saying something supportive and it might help them to succeed even if you're really satisfied with your life :) Trust me, you'll be a happier person.

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