I think Kpop has officially taken the whole world. I never really take Kpop seriously until I found out about 2NE1, no offence to other Kpop stars but 2NE1 is the one who caught my attention. I was so into them, I listen to all their songs, watched all their videos, and even google about their fashion. Slowly I fall in love with Kpop thou I'm not as extreme as my lil sister lol.

One thing I wonder the most about Kpop stars is HOW CAN THEY HAVE PERFECT HAIR even if they dyed so many times. It's like they have diff hair colors every comeback show or new single/album. Their hair always stay shinny. Let me take 2NE1 as example...

or everyone's fav SNSD

They change their hair styles so often but they still look healthy!!! Look so Smooth, so Shinny and bouncy all the time!! They prolly use super good hair shampoo..

Speaking about good hair shampoo, Sunsilk recently launched a super awesome contest -- Sunsilk Girls Search. Ain't like other girl search, Sunsilk collaborates with the local songstress Hannah Tan to produce the Hey, Miss Pretty song that will serve as an anchor to a K-pop dance competition. Five winners of the Sunsilk Girls Search get the golden opportunity to perform as the opening act for 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia alongside Hannah Tan.


Sunsilk are looking for girls that are confident with their hair, when participating in the dance competition. Girls who have fun expressing themselves by strutting their best moves confidently, without the worry of their hair and appearance. Don't worry, a K-Pop themed Sunsilk truck that will be around high traffic places, get a Kpop makeover of hairstyle, fashion and make-up!

You can register yourself for Sunsilk Girls Search on Sunsilk roving truck or through the Sunsilk Malaysia Facebook page, under the Sunsilk Girls Search tab.

The closing date for the Sunsilk Girls Search will be on 14th April 2013 so hurry!!!!!