Saturday oh Saturday. It's another Saturday night and I kinda miss partying. lolll. My friends ask why do I even miss partying when I dont really drink and dont dance, well, I don't know, I just love standing there observing people. I sound like a perv :X

Okay, the previous post was a Chinese one, so some of you who don't know how to read chinese was hoping that I could translate what I was saying. Yea, maybe I shouldn't blog in chinese cuz my chinese is actually quite shitty lolll, stick back to English next time ( errr, my english isn't that good as well :/ )

Actually it's quite hard to translate what I was saying cuz it doesn't make sense in English. hahahha So I'm gonna blog it in another way.

I was saying that we should be some one we like...
Take a closer look to yourself, do you love who you are right now? 
Nobody's perfect but don't use it an excuse as your flaws
You can be someone better when you realize and admit your mistakes
If you want to be appreciated, be someone you will appreciate
No matter what status you are, you're just human
Don't take anyone for granted, even if they're from the service department
Don't make someone's life worst just to ease yours
Smile more :) 

(Give me a beat I think I just did a rap lollll wtf) 

 Lastly, end it with a random outfit post.
 Maison De Vogue bling color top // White shorts from Bangkok 

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Hi, just to update you all that Axiata Cup 2013 "Up Your Game" finalists are out!!!!

I just voted for this guy cuz I think his freestyle badminton moves is really good!

Do check out who are the finalists and vote for your favorite one too!!

Btw, why  Lee Chong Wei is not playing in the Axiata cup :( I was hoping to see him...