I kinda miss small phones. Especially when I saw the actual Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. I mean I love super big screens but sometimes it's really inconvenient. Well, every phone has pros and cons but I really miss small phones.One of the reason why I miss them so much is because I am in love with small bags recently. I have no idea since when I started eyeing on small bags, maybe it's the trend right now :X Even Balenciaga launched a new Mini City bag series. Everyone is having mini madness!!

Anyway, it's so much convenient to have a mini phone for mini bags. Example like the new launched Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, just got a chance to play with that phone.Fyi, Samsung Galaxy SIII mini can do exactly what the Samsung Galaxy SIII can except that it’s mini! I'm quite impressed that they launched a mini version of Samsung Galaxy SIII cuz it's a really good phone. I love how it has Super AMOLED display, big yey for people like me who love to look at pictures and vidoes.

Speaking of pictures, the Galaxy SIII mini automatically takes a burst of 8 shots, just to make sure we get the best shot. Another plus point for me..guess everyone knows I love taking pictures..well blogger got to do :P Also, the Galaxy SIII mini runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, that means it won’t be lagging!

I love how it could fit perfectly in my mini pashli that I just bought before CNY.
Now I don't have to change to a smaller wallet just to fit everything in. Ugh, you don't know how much mess it could cause when you transfer all your stuff from your long wallet to a smaller one :/ SO YEY TO MINI PHONES.

Speaking about my long wallet, the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini can even fit into my wallet!!!
It's quite hard to find a good mini smart phone that can fit into a long wallet. Some it's either too thick or too long.. I know you prolly thinking why did I put my phone into my wallet...it's actually really convenient when it comes to clubbing. Loll. Or even when we go out for yum cha session: D

Anyway, it's also hard to find a phone that fits your shorts pocket. 
You know when we want to go pasar malam (night market) and what we have to bring is our phone and money. YUP, it actually fits perfectly into the pocket ( have to pull it out to show you ) :D

Best thing about mini phones....

Yeap, I guess that's how I feel about mini phones, or should I say the new Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. It's quite hard to find a good mini smartphone thou, glad that they launched Samsung Galaxy SIII in mini size ~