I have no idea since when I started watching interviews from successful people. I mean I love watching things that inspires me and hope someday I can be someone that inspirational too. Not that easy la of cuz. No one wants to hear shit if you're just a piece of white paper. lolll. The recent one I watched was Nicholas Tse... Saw one of my friend from fb posted this and it's Nicholas Tse!!!

I mean I dont know anything about him except that my brother used to be his biggest fan few years back when Nicholas was still singing. I know he can sing and act and he use to be Cecelia Chung's hubby and shit happens between them. BUT after watching this interview, I was amazed by what he said, so inspiring. Well I guess I do learn something from him. heh.

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Anyway, I'm not sure whether you guys read nuffnang's blogpost bout Astro On-The-Go Challenge or not, I am actually asking myself what am I good at exploring. I mean as a human being, everyone has their best at exploring something. Just take a look on what usually catch your eyes? I think mine will be fashion and make up. I love exploring more designers and in trend make up so everytime I saw something nice, I'll take a picture or screen shot it.

Sometimes I just love to try different new make up to look much more fun!

How bout you? Do you have anything you're good at exploring??? Write a blog post about it! Info here : http://blog.nuffnang.com.my/2013/04/18/astro-on-the-go-are-you-an-unstoppable-explorer/
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