Happy Labour Day people, it's already the 1st of May and so far, my life is sorta complicated. Shit happens just that I don't dare to face it and now I realize that shit just became diarrhea. Mixed feelings but I don't feel like sharing with you all. I know right I shouldn't have told you but yea, don't worry guys, I'm fine. 

Anyway, today is gonna be a April fashion post!  I prolly should do this every month but those who followed my instagram prolly seen it already. But I'm gonna list out the brands / online shop on every outfit.

 Bimba & Lola Jacket // Floral Crop from Bangkok // Topshop denim flare skirt // LV speedy // Zara shoes

Changed to Nakedkimchi loafers cuz my leg was mad tired.

Little Bit Khaki Outer // Topshop Crop Top // H&M pants

OATW cap (boundlezz) // Top from Chalotte Katy // H&M leather pants

Maison De Vogue floral top // Topshop Lilac Leigh Jeans // Creole Electro Clutch

Floral Polka Crop top from Bangkok // Topshop Denim Flare skirt // Balenciaga Bracelet

Theory of Seven shirt & pants // 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Satchel

Top from Chalotte Katy // Theory of Seven pants // Creole Electro Clutch

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Lastly, one thing I love about the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini iis the Sbeam feature! For those who never tried using a Samsung phone with Sbeam, you guys will be amaze how awesome is this feature. Normally when we take a picture ( or few pictures ) we have to send it through whatsapp or whatever chatting apps but with Sbeam, we can just send it just in on touch..amazingggg. Just put both phones (that has Sbeam) facing back to back and click share. NOT ONLY PICTURES, we can also share websites or what we're watching on youtube through Sbeam :O

trying Sbeam with the sister, sooo awesomeeeee.
Plus point for Android phones!

Anyway, after using Samsung Galaxy SIII mini for few weeks, I think I really love it cuz it's small and convienient to bring it out everywhere! It's just the right size to fit my clutches and mini bags!!!

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