I almost forgotten to blog about this, I mean how can I not blog about this! It's my second radio interview and I couldn't believe it's hitz.fm, Malaysia's #1 English radio station. I mean that I never imagine that I could actually be on hitz.fm, it's like a dream to me. Seems like 2013 is a great year huh.

Me and Ernest, the comic blogger were invited for an radio interview together. To be honest, I was quite worried about the conversation cuz both of us are totally different. But how can I be worried when there's Ean and Arnold. There's only one word to describe them – Awesome.

I was super duper gan jeong about this radio interview cuz it's Hitz.fm and I don't wanna screw it. I actually did a draft on what I would like to talk. Apparently the draft never really help. Lollll. So lesson of the day is screw the preparation and keep it casual.

We even did a challenge, I get to be Ernest and Ernest get to be me. Bascially I have to draw and Ernest have to pose. Lolll And here it is :

Ean said I drew him like the cartoon Airbender hhahahaha. I think I have to get back to drawing :( I used to get A for fundamental drawing loll.

Personally think Ernest did it better than me hahahhaa. His face was priceless.

Overall I think we did a great job, we didn't realize that we stayed for almost 2 hours cuz there's so much fun going on. I'm really glad to have this oppurtunity to be on hitz.fm and hopefully I get to go it again! Thank you so much hitz.fm and of course, Nuffnang who gave us the oppurtunity. 

Last but not least, like hitz.fm facebook page if you haven!https://www.facebook.com/hitzdotfm?ref=ts&fref=ts