I'm not sure whether I told you guys before that I listen to rap music when I was 12 , I even wanted to be a rapper but it's impossible la cuz I can't even read or speak properly..can't imagine if I want to rap. lollll. Anway, just wanted to share or flashback with you all some good music with very inspirational/meaningful lyrics...

Btw, This is quite an impromptu post, saw the news about the bomb in Boston,  I immediately thought of this song..
Black Eyed Peas - WHERE IS THE LOVE ?
I'm quite sad that how Will.i.am pay more attention on composing than the lyrics..
It's like.. 
I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out
And scream and shout, and let it out
We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh wee oh
We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh wee oh...
Seriously.... wt*?

Eminem - Beautiful 
ALL TIME FAV EMINEM. Old song but it's beautiful....

Macklemore - Same Love
I think Ryan Lewis did a great job for the music video. It's so touching....

2pac - Dear Mama
Good music never dies.

Eminem - Not Afraid
Well, you can tell how much I love Eminem :/ 

I think there's more but I just can't think that much, please share with me if you have something in your mind ;)