Hello guys, I guess most of you already seen my Gwiyomi video.
Or you prolly came here cuz you seen it on youtube.

If you haven, here it is....

I never thought of doing this Gwiyomi thing cuz I think it's too cute for me. My kpop sis did it and I was like "Seriously you gonna do it?" Well of course she'll do it cuz it's a korean thing and she's all over it. Then people started requesting me to do it, from twitter to facebook message so I was like, maybe I just do one la since people are asking for and it seems to be very easy.

I was wrong. 

So I just did the back part cuz the front one was too awkward and I feel like puking all over myself lolllll. No offense to anyone, I'm saying that I couldn't handle the front part so I went to learn the 1+1 = Gwiyomi.. 2 + 2...3 + 3..........6 + 6 ...

only 23 seconds and I never thought it'll hit that much of views. 

Apparently it made it to Youtube front page so that's why I gain so many views. I mean normally my videos are mostly about 10k views only but this is like 10X of my regular random videos. And it's only 23 secs.
So now people who don't know me thought I'm cute. lolllll HOW CAN I TURN INTO CUTE T.T

Of course, there's tons of harassing comments asking me to show my boobs or something like that. Sick people nowadays so I wasn't really bothered by them. But seriously there's tons of porn stars out there they can just log into any porn sites to watch boobs or fap on them. None of my business.

Anyway, thanks to those who supported and seriously I am still feeling weird how this impromptu gwiyomi video gained so many views.