I guess most of you know that I love online shopping, cuz I think we can get affordable and unique stuff through online shops compare to shopping malls. But the bad thing is, it's not easy to find nice exciting individual online shops that offers good quality and fast delivery.

So today, I'm gonna share with you a new online shopping place for all fashion lovers...

Features local and international retailers with wide range of choices to pick! Best thing of all, free shipping nationawide, offering customers One Stop, One Package, One Delivery service for total customer-satisfaction.

Fyi, the dress and necklace I wore for my 4th Anniversary dinner are from Lush Burry! 

Dress is from Wicket and both necklaces are from Autumn Ripple.

To be honest, I was quite surprise with both necklaces quality! It's hard to get affordable and nice accessories!!!!

Yes, both Wicket and Autumn Ripple are available in Lushburry and there's also more featured brands such as...

What I love about Lushburry is how they keep their website clean and simple. Plus, it's very easy and convenient to shop with Lushburry because they offers easy payment system including Bank Transfer, Creditcard Payment and Paypal! The best thing of all Lushburry is now offering FREE SHIPPING nationwide

Lastly, good news for all of you:-

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