I'm not sure whether you guys experienced losing your phone or not, you prolly might want to read this post cuz you can never know someday you might lost your phone. I mean I never thought that I will lost my phone but yes, I did lost my phone in a friend's house party, last year. I know right, IN A FRIENDS's HOUSE. Blame myself for always leaving my phone everywhere and I finally get to taste what is like for losing a phone.

I mean no one will ever expect their phone will go missing, I seriously never expected but what happens, happened. Contacts, important notes, pictures all gone. Worst things is, I never have any security protection. I DIDN'T EVEN SET A PASSCODE LOCK. I'm not sad that my phone is gone, I'm sad that the things inside are all gone. Luckily I didn't take any weird pictures lolllll. So I just have to accept that I lost my phone.

So here's a few tips for you to keep your phone protected, well you never know if one day your phone just gone * pfttttt...*. I mean if you left it at somewhere and it's gone, someone prolly stole it. It's Malaysia, I think there's only 1 out of 1000 people will return your phone.

Just incase you have anything important inside your phone, the people who stole wont get to check it ( I do know people who save their passwords in their phone notes ).

2. iCloud
Good thing if you're an apple user, do sync to iCloud so you can at least have a backup. If i'm not wrong they have this Find My iPhone thing.

How bout Android phones?

Good news for Maxis users, you can now sign up for Maxis Norton Mobile Security app that designed specially for Android users.

One thing risky about Adroid phones is that because they are so popular, there number of untrusted sites, third party apps and physical thefts that will hack your mobile activities and personal data, including passwords even if you didn't lost your phone.

I highly recommend to get this Maxis Norton Mobile Security app for your Android phone's sake.

Anti-Phishing Web Protection – Protects and reports malicious sites that may contain malware. Through this feature, users are protected from malicious websites that offer quick access via the link or QR code.

Call & Text Blocker – Allows users to block specific people or phone numbers so that users are not disturbed by unwanted calls and SMS.

Lost Notice – In the event of a lost phone, the user may send a customised message to the person who located the device through this feature to have it returned.

Remote Lock – Users are able to lock the device remotely via the web or SMS to prevent others from accessing the data and information on the device.

Remote Locate – Pinpoints lost or stolen phones or tablets on a map to help users find their devices fast.

More than just keeping your phone safe :)

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