Just came back from Singapore and all I wanted to do when I first reach home is to blog. Apparently I didn't blog when I came home, I took a nap, then shower, then dinner, then catch up with my girls, and now it's bloggint time lolll. Didn't update for days and I felt sooo sooo sooo weird :X Not going to blog about Singapore yet but I'm gonna do some recent updates.


I guess most of you knew it already cuz it went viral on internet and I became that gwiyomi girl :/ I mean this scene was taken a week before I decided to do the gwiyomi challenge video and can't believe Jin actually used the gwiyomi song for my scene. LOLLLL so yea, gwiyomi girl = me :X I mean now everyone thinks that I'm cute, only you all who read my blog knows the true colors! hahaha.

Other than that, I also made an appearance in Joseph Germani's new video " Chinese Songs In Real Life " :D

Yes, Joseph actually asked me to ask the boyfie along in that scene. HAHAHAHA. I WAS LAUGHING NON STOP while on set. I just cant act in front of him lolllll. Anyway the video is really really funny! To be honest I actually skipped my part cuz it's to awkward to see myself like that :X

I think filming is really fun, I love how youtubers like Jinnyboytv and Joseph Germani do things really quick. Everything was well prepare and we only did like 2 takes for each scene! Great job guys! Hope we'll get to do more videos together in the future! hehe.

Okay, that's it for now! Gonna crash and I'll update again soon!! xx