Last Saturday Night was a wild one, it was YAA SUI IS NOT DEAD party @69 Bistro. For those who do not know what does Yaa Sui means, it's a cantonese word that describe something what we call "Swag" nowadays. So if you see someone so swag you tell them " so Yaa Sui " loll.

The theme of this YAA SUI night was Futuristic and I think I was quite underdressed when I saw the others. lollll. THEY ALL PUT SO MUCH EFFORT omg I think the next party I'll do something better.

I mean I only glued (using eyelash glue don't worry) some blings on my face and wore a silver skirt and convince myself that I'm already futuristic lolll.

Okay gonna shut the crap and share with you some pictures taken by Tony Wong that night.(his shots are damn good I don't even feel like posting mind loll. Asked permission to steal some pics from his fb hahahaha.)
These are some of the pics only, can check out more pics and videos at YAA SUI facebook
Besy dressed Male and Female couple that had led lights on their costume :OOOO 

Okay I edited a lil random video of that night...

That's it for today ~ End it with....

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