I'm not sure am I in the right mood to blog cuz I bet most of us Malaysian feel the same way. Or maybe just part of us. I couldn't fall asleep yesterday, I was wondering how did it happen. How does it make sense but whether it make sense or not, it's official. I'm not sure what we can do but I really hope things will get better in the next 5 years. I mean that's what we wanted, a better Malaysia. 

But everything became a joke. I'm ashamed.  

I'm really glad that we have facebook where we can really see what is going on. I couldn't say all of them are real but at least it has more accurate information than what we seen on the TV. Couldn't blame them, our press freedom here is like shit. I think the TV announcer secretly wanted to die while trying to crap something that make sense. There's a moment when I started to think, way before we have facebook, how many things were covered? News that we seen on TV are they even real? I can't tell anymore. 

I admit I was kinda rude yesterday with all my sarcastic facebook posts but that's what I had on mind when I was reading all the news. I wouldn't be that angry if it's a clean election. Too many dirty tricks and it's so obvious everyone could tell. We're ain't stupid.

What I can't accept is such racist PM we have.Chinese Tsunami? Seriously???? I can tell that my Malay and Indian friends have bigger hearts than him.We've been here for decades, and we can't afford to lose any race cuz that's what makes Malaysia a beautiful place. Just that his words is such a disappointment. 

5 years, I'm not sure what will happen in the next 5 years but they better be good, cuz they said, you don't mess with the 90's kids :) This is just a beginning, don't lose hope people.