Hi hi everyone! I know I talked about girl's fashion alot so today is going to be something different, it's about boys, I'm not sure whether I'm good in men's fashion so "Style My BF" challenge accepted!

Basically what I'm going to do is to create 3 styles, casual, smart casual and smart for him and I have to give him something he never tries before :OOOO Super gan jeong!
It's going to be a vlog today so please enjoy the video :D

Don't say I never tell, PLEASE WATCH UNTIL THE END for the secret code :P

Actually what I had in mind was Dan Humphrey (casual), Nathaniel (smart casual), and Chuck Bass (smart) lollllll.

Well, do leave me a comment and tell me which is your fav look!
Hopefully I'll get to do more different vlogs in the future ( I'm starting to love all these video stuff hahaha.) Lastly, big thanks to Topman for the collaboration ♥ ♥ ♥