Is it me or anyone else out there thinks that Thai music videos are interesting to watch? I'm not sure when did I start noticing about their music videos, prolly seen my friends sharing on facebook and some of them are pretty good...

Okay I'm gonna share a two of the one trending on my news feed.

The first thing came into my mind was... WHY DO THAI GIRLS LOOK SO DAMN HOT?!?!
I think instagram really helped thailand alot cuz I followed like more than 30 thai girls and most of them have more than 100k followers :O I adore how they dress, their hair their make up all so perfect. Don't care if they had plastic surgery or not but if they did, their plastic surgeons are damn successful.

Anyway, both music videos' story line are quite interesting, and they acted really well... Maybe thai pop should use this kind of short film and make it their signature music video thing... Not bad huh..

Okay, gonna check out more thai pop songs on youtube now. hehe.