Felt really guilty for not blogging these days, I wasn't really in the mood due to some problems but life still goes on. Yesterday was Mother's Day, brought mummy out to KLCC for brunch @ Ki Ki Taiwan Cuisine and also to choose Mother's Day present.

Me and my mom are the same type of person, we don't really like surprise cuz people just don't know what we're thinking and it'll be a disappointment if things went wrong lol. She actually request us to bring her to choose her present instead of us getting her something she might not like. Cute nya.

Anyway, what I wanted to blog that I think I really grew up. When I was younger, I used to hate what my mom tells me and I was totally against her but now when I think back what she used to say, almost everything was right and sometimes I do wish that I listened to her. 
I can't explain how much I love her but what I can do now is being a great daughter and set her free from being worried about me. Thou it's impossible that she won't worry about me anymore but at least I hope I can make her proud. There's so many things I wanna achieve, and my mom is one of the reason why I MUST make it happen.


It's really awkward cuz I don't really say things so geli but I wanted to say that..

now and forever.