Living in a big city just makes everything extra stressful. One thing about stress is it's not all bad, it could be something that motivates you to achieve something. Imagine someone living without any stress, life would be really dull and boring. I think it's impossible to have 0 stress in life, unless you are a tree lol.

But it's funny how that not everyone knows how to manage their stress. I think I'm quite good at it cuz I am very happy when it comes to stress. I'm not 100% sure but I think most of the stress I'm going through is a good one. One of the examples would be the good stress you have when you're planning for something great ; the bad stress you have when things are unplanned and gave you a heart attack.

I find that even how stress you are, you always need to learn how to keep calm and relax a lil bit. Everyone has to balance up their lifestyle. What I normally do to relax my stress is...

Take a 30-45 minutes relaxing bath.
I love hot bath cuz it's good for blood circulation and the feeling after that hot bath is awesome!!

Drink a cup of calming tea.
My favourtie will be Chamomile tea but my mom normally make me a cup of Ginseng tea when she saw me stressing (Ginseng tea clears out mental exhaustion and stress immediately).

Chill out session with ma babes.
I'm not sure when it started, me and my babes meet up every week. We'll go our fav cafe and share our problems. I think it's really good to talk to someone you love, it calms you when you're going through stress. If you don't have time to go out, maybe try calling you bestie :D

Listen to my fav music.
Music to me is like everything, I love how music has to power to calm someone. Of course, with the right music selection. When I'm stress, I normally listen to more chill out tracks.

Well, I recently I started taking Pharmaton (after I got it from the event) and I do feel that a slight change. I normally feel sleepy after I take a meal and couldn't sleep at night, but I think I don't feel it that much right now after taking Pharmaton for 2 weeks. I guess I'll be continue taking it since it's working on my stress :D You can read more about Pharmaton at

I guess everyone has their own way to balance up their lifestyle, how bout you ? 

Share with me what works best for you cuz I'll be givng out...
 3 X Secret gift (picked by me and Pharmaton) 

Looking forward to read your comments :D