It was Astro On-The-Go event on the 18th of May @ Sunway Pyramid. In conjuction with Nuffnang, 50 bloggers were invited to join Astro On-The-Go Explorer contest and I was there to cover the event!

For those who don't know, Asrto On-The-Go is basically like the Astro you have at home, just that it's inside your mobile devices, where you can bring it everywhere to watch your favourite programs so you won't miss any live sports and global events. 

Okay back to #AOTGExplorer, 50 bloggers/explorers will be divided into teams of two (means 25 teams) and each team have to complete their mission as they were assigned to different stations. Stations were located around Sunway Pyramid, fyi, Sunway Pyramid is huge and I couldn't totally get lost inside there. Gadgets were given to help them on their way to complete their mission where they have to tweet, instagram and facebook post.

Can see everyone look very Gan Jeong...

I manage to find few stations tho..
The International Station with Pretty Korean Lady.
If I'm not wrong, they have to answer 2 questions and take a picture with her to complete this mission.

It's not easy finding the answers at all! Look they need to use 2 gadgets instead of one to find the answer :O


Found another station at Asian Avenue, Animaxxxxx!!!

Also the one with Spider Man.lolll

Lunch Break @ Delicious :P

After taking our lunch, we all went back to the stage area to catch live performaces and also a live flash mob! Aaron Aziz, Johan Raja Lawak, Dazrin, actors from Oh! My English were there too!

The football performances was really gooodddd. I bet they play football right after they were born.

Live performances from Oh!My English ~

Does it look familiar??? Any Guesses?

Random Photobooth Moment...

Lastly, Congratulations to all winners!!!!!
I should have join the contest :( I don't mind being 1st Runner Up cuz I want a iPad Mini loll. Hopefully they will organize something like Astro On-The-Go Explorer again :D