I've been thinking about this post, I don't know if I should blog about it or should I just let the news spread slowly until everyone knows. It's awkward. It's still awkward thou it's been a month. Yes, we broke up. We broke up before I posted the Style My Boyfriend video which leads to why it's awkward to blog about it. Which also explains why I didn't really have the mood to blog and I'm sorry for that :(

I know it's really shocking for you to know it now cuz we just had our 4th Anniversary 3 months ago. Time flies huh. It's a peaceful break up I can say, I wanted the break up. I know I rarely talk about my relationship problems cuz I like to keep it privately so this whole break up thing was quite a shock when my close friends knows about it. I'm glad that they didn't ask much about it as it'll make things even more awkward. Well, some of them actually see it coming....

No, I'm not going to blog how it happens or why did it happened cuz to be honest, it's none of anyone business. It's just gonna make things even awkward and it's no good for either of us. I do feel sorry and sad for what we used to have but life's a bitch. I know I sounded like a cold blooded bitch but I've made my decision and it hurts.... I sincerely hope that everyone can respect that and please don't make up any weird stories about it :)

Ahhhhh, I just did the hardest blog post.  Now, breathe.