Going to Japan is my dream and I can't believe I can finally tell everyone that I've been to Japan!!! Thou we only stayed in Tokyo for a week, it's beyond amazing and I don't think I had enough of  Tokyo yet. I am not satisfied with Japan yet cuz I haven seen sakura so hopefully I get to see it next year :D plus now no need to do visa anymore!!!

To be honest, I seriously have no idea how start blogging about Tokyo. I have thousands of random pictures and I think there's plenty of useless ones as we normally take few shots for one best pic. lollll.

Food we had perhaps????
I shall apologize to you if you're hungry now :P
Please don't hate me but food in Japan is so good and I don't know whether it's me or I think that their food are so much healthier..

So this is going to be FOOD WE HAD IN TOKYO (harajuku/shibuya) ! post.

Thanks to me *hehehehe* I manage to book a nice guest house in Harajuku through Airbnb which cost us about RM700 per person/week , so much cheaper than booking hotels 
( not advertising but just being helpful if you wanna go to japan or other country someday this website offers alot guesthouse :D different guesthouse has different rate so it's better to do more surveys to find the best stay ).

Located near Harajuku station so we traveled by train / walk through the entire trip!

We had most of our meals in Harajuku and I think I missed a few meals here cuz I was playing with IG video and forgot to snap it with my camera. I think most of you already seen it in my instagram :D

Food in Harajuku // Shibuya 

Had sushi dinner at Shibuya area cuz we were craving for shushi....

Looks super yumm right but me and daphne don't eat raw :X so we had tamago and the maki thing..
We were trying to find sushi shops that offers maki rolls and stuff like that but seems like they rarely serve those... I kinda miss Sushi Zanmai after that..

Special thanks to Daphne Froggy, Malaysian reader but based in Japan, who brought us around Shibuya and also Disney sea! Glad that now we're friends hehehe ~

GYUDON is a must in Japan! We tried Yoshinoya, sadly no pics of that cuz we had it take away for supper...
 Sukiya gyudon for brunch!

 I had curry gyudon...  looks disgusting here... but I got it on insta video !

 We randomly step into this shop for brunch and we thought they serves ramen but no, their specialty is Tsukemen. It's our first time having Tsukemen!

 Seriously have no idea which to order cuz all look so damn yum...
 Like any other restaurants in Japan, ordering through machines!

 Tsukemen! My very first time trying and it was soooo gooodddd!!! Dip the noodle into the special made soup.. heaven...

 Daph's ordered something dry, a lil bit salty at the bottom.. still prefer my tsukemen lol

 Next is crepes...  there's alot crepe shops around harajuku, this is one of them.

I didn't actually ate an entire crepe.. me and daphne shares one..

Picture with crepe is a must! Means you've been to harajuku..haha just saying..

Another random shop we went into on the fifth day, was attracted by this...
Food here is cheap!

Machines again! 

Mapo tofu + Marinated meat = 490 yen. Can't say its super tasty but it's good!


Random Takoyaki we had near Cat Street Harajuku. 

Random Kiwi snow at Tokyu Plaza

Wine and dessert session at Justin's.
  It's located somewhere outside our place so we just chill there at night for the last 2 days before we head back. Definitely go back again next time!

Choco banana parfait.

I'm not a wine person but I'm trying to adapt the taste.. Daph had asahi tho..

I can't believe I'm saying this but THE BEST OF ALL MEALS goes to something isn't japanese...
The Great Burger near Harajuku Cat Street. 

 Bacon Cheese Burger so fat so delicious. My god it's the best burger I ever had in my entire life.
 Sorry for the low quality pic, I left my camera at home :/ fail lah.

Nachos was great too!

Okay I guess that's it for my first Tokyo post! Overall I'm satisfied the food we had and I bet there is more great food for me to discover in the future... ( totally forgot about my weight hahaha)
Hopefully you enjoy drooling :P *just kidding* Next post will prolly be Disney Sea!!! Stay Tune ~