I forgot when was my last fashion update, since like it's been awhile huh :X Time for some fashion update!

I've been buying tons of blacks and whites recently, well, most of them are whites as I'm all over the monotone trend!!! I even bought 3 pairs of white shoes this trip, and yes, it's hard to maintain a pair white shoes... ugh :(

Today fashion is my all time fav look, crop top + ripped shorts, but this time it's in monotone. White on white! One thing bad about wearing white is we look extra plum in pictures :X BUT skinny isn't the trend lolllll. Healthy is! But you can also wear black on black to get the same monotone look.

Fig & Viper "Monday Sucks." crop top // F21 white shorts // Black Converse

You prolly wonder what's that black thing on my shoulder. Pair it up with a cardigan to make the look more fashionable! Fyi,Cardi-on-shoulder is back in trend! It's actually a very old school thing I used to do when I was in primary school lollll.

Zara knit cardigan.

Since I'm all over black n white, I decided to put some colors on my finger nails :D Yellow X Blue, Despicable me inspired :P
Wanted to do the peace sign but couldn't see my nails! so MEOWWWW.