I love wearing black and whites, I bet half of my wardrobe are either blacks or whites. Especially monotones are trend right now, you just can't get rid of BW. One great thing about this whole BW trend, by adding a key color item (maybe one or two items) will immediately bring out a different fashionable look.

This time, I added a lil red into my outfit and it makes my outfit look more chic. To be honest, I used to hate the color RED, I always thought red is a very tricky color that will sometimes makes people look old :/ I have no idea since when I changed my thoughts and it became one of my fav color now! 

White Ruffle Top from Nana's closet (Bangkok) // Black Leggings Pants // 3.1 Philip Lim satchel //

Melissa X Vivienne Westwood flats 

If you're a BW person like me,  try putting on a colorful accessories or a nice lip color, trust me, you gonna love it!