Midnight thoughts strikes again, I have no idea why every night before I go to sleep, I tend to think alot about life. I think it's a good thing tho cuz I'm growing up, we're all growing up. We age physically but the level of maturity.... grows depends on the person himself. Some people could take a long time to grow up cuz in our generation, we waste a lot of time, convincing ourselves that it's going to be okay while we're staying in our comfort zone.

I'm glad that I start thinking about things that I shouldn't be thinking in my age. I mean what do a real 21 year old girl thinks on her age? Sometimes I do tell myself that I'm just 21 and some things I can just take it slowly but then I realize that, time passes so quick I scare that someday I'll regret.

There's so many goals to achieve. Everyone has big dreams and goals but if we don't plan anything or make the move to achieve them, it's just a plain bullshit. Ever heard of chasing dreams? You don't chase your dreams by sitting there talking about it, it's not gonna happen.

I really hate how people complain and blame about things that did not turn right. Not to say I don't complain about things but some people just have to move on. Accept the fact that shit happens. Sometimes all these complaining and blaming might show your stupidity and immaturity so it's the best that you learn from it and become some one bigger and bolder.

Of course, I couldn't be right in everything cuz in the end, everyone has different perspective of life :) Stay positive and you'll be what you want to be :))