Ever wonder if you're making the right or wrong decision? I do. I always wonder that if I'm doing the right thing but then I realize that there's no actual right or wrong in life. People tend to think that it's right when most of the people agree on. No one can really tell what is the right thing to do cuz in the end, it's your life that you're dealing with.

It's a struggle to think what you wanted for life, some people dream big and some people just want a peaceful life. Is it wrong to dream big or is going the safe way is the right thing to do? No, there's no right or wrong. We can't let people make decisions for us just because they think it's the best....for them. I mean just because things don't work out for them doesn't mean it will not be right for you. Of course, everyone makes bad decision but you will never know what you really want until you tried. 

Always have in mind that to do something that makes you happy cuz what makes you happy can never go wrong. I can't tell you what is happy cuz everyone has a different definition for happiness. It could be anything so go ahead with decisions that you think it's happy for you and not someone that tell you what is happy for you.

So tell me, what is happiness to you?