Nah, maybe not the luckiest one on earth but I can feel that I'm super lucky after these 2 incidents happened. I've lost my phone once, last year, in a friend's house ( which idk who the hell stole it ) and I told myself I would never ever be that careless anymore.

Shit happens again. 

Last month, I was chilling with my girls at the Bee @ Publika until late night. It was a really great night until I went home and realize, I lost my phone. I thought it was in my bag for the whole time while I was driving back. It's quite funny cuz that night, I didn't take out my phone while I was driving cuz I was fetching my girls and it's really dangerous lah to use phone while driving. Normally I do take out my phone and put it on my lap, I know it's dangerous to text and drive but I do read texts when I was driving :X 

Anyway, I found out my phone wasn't there when I REACHED HOME. I thought I left it in my car but nope. Find nothing. So I thought maybe one of my girl took it, but nope, they didn't. AND I REALIZED the last time I saw my phone it was at the restaurant. I quickly search for the Bee's number and called. THANK GOD it was with them and they kept it for me. 

Well you know, losing your goods in Malaysia is a very unlucky thing, cuz you might never get it back. It's like you need to keep an eye on your stuff cuz it'll be gone any minute. I heard incidents that people placed their phone on the table while chilling and the next second, someone just grab and gone :/ 


Nope, it just happened again.

If you followed my instagram or twitter, you prolly should have known that I lost my wallet last Saturday. This time, it's worst. I lost it in a CLUB. I brought a small bag and I think I forgot to zip it so I prolly drop it or someone stole it. The minute I realize my wallet is gone, I really thought that I will never see it anymore. Immediately, I called the bank to block my cards. I was totally hopeless after going back looking for it.

Somehow I don't know why I decided to text my DJ friend, Xuu who knows the people there asked if he can help me to ask the management if they found a wallet. To be honest, I know it's hopeless and all my friends told me it's impossible to get it back but I just feel like trying lah. Plus Xuu was in overseas so I was like "suan le bah"

I plan to go redo my ic and stuff on Monday BUTTTTT.....

On Sunday night, I got a text from Xuu telling me that THEY FOUND MY WALLET. I was stoned awhile and I can't believe miracles do exist. Apparently they found my wallet in a male toilet. Everything is still inside my wallet except that the cash is gone. I only have RM100 inside so luckily it's not that much. Plus I only got that wallet 3 months ago so it's super new.  Thank god the person who took it didn't know what's Balenciaga cuz if it's a LV or Gucci or Prada it could be gone forever lol.

I just want to say I AM F*CKING LUCKY.

I really want to Thank God for loving me. I believe that I am a very good girl just that I'm careless loll but I will learn to be more cautious cuz I might not be that lucky the next time. *touch wood*