Finally, finally I'm back on my blog after being busy for the entire week. I bet you all knew that I was everywhere by following my instagram. I've been roving around with famous youtuber Joseph Germani at a few uni near Subang area last few days to style spot for Topshop and I was really impress that there's alot of you really did dress up. To be honest, I thought no one will give a sh*t to dress up for me, who am I oh, who wanna dress up for me. BUT I was totally shocked by the crowd who show up :O 

It's really sad that there's alot of guys who styled really really well but the style spot contest is only for girls :( Hopefully they'll do one for Topman soon so you all can join!! Anyway, here's my outfit for the past few days. All from Topshop except for the shoes :)

Sorry for the iphone qualities pictures :/
Day One is Little Girl gotto swag (lolllll)
  I almost fainted due to the hot stuffy weather on day one. So embarrassed cuz I was so dizzy, my ears are humming and my face turned to pale I had to sit aside to chill down. Oh! Thanks to the 2 readers who bought us Soy Milk. Felt so sweet!

 Day Two is a lil bit Japanese with the Kimono-ish outer for Topshop Sunway Pyramid re-open Private Party.

Day Three is inspired by the Jersey-Sport trend.

 Day Four is Sweet & Chic.
Mad love the ruffle skirt but not my tummy :/ Shouldn't have supper the day before!

I really want to say Thank You to all of you who showed up and took pictures with me. I felt like a superstar. But really, I'm as nervous as you :X Thanks for the compliments telling me that I'm pretty in real life cuz to be honest, I think I look uglier in person cuz photo can cheat alot people. It was a big relieve lollll.

Some of you even told me that you were following my blog since I was in high school. SOOO AMAZINGGGG !!!!

(also thank instagram for the "photo of me" feature that makes life easier hahaha.)

We'll meet again soon okay! xxxxxxxxx