The toothache pose.

Been hanging out a lot with this lady since she came back from aussie. Felt like the old days when we both were still in high school. I can tell that we both changed a lot but our heart are still as close. I'm not sure how we did it, but we just did. It's funny how that every time when we are together, we say the most random shit and do the most crazy things. I just couldn't imagine if people see us like that lolll. Sometimes I feel really bad cuz I use to lecture her in a very sarcastic way, but I bet she know that the words came out of love :P AND THIS KID NEEDS A LOT OF LOVEEEEEEE.

Okay, it's getting awkward cuz I sounded like her boyfriend lollll. Anyway, this is a random lunch date we had last Sunday @ Absolute Thai, The Gardens. Suppose to go Sushi Zanmai or Fong Lye but the que was crayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Decided to go Thai for lunch, somehow I feel really weird to eat thai food for lunch, normally people go for dinner right?

Pineapple Fried Rice. 

Pandan Chicken.

 Super spicy Tomyam soup but we just can't resists the spicyness. 
We were like "Omgggg so spicy but it's so goooddddd

Can't wait to watch The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones tomorrow with the girls! I don't find it interesting at first but after Daphne shared with me one of their soundtrack "Almost is Not Enough" by Ariana Grande & Nathan Sykes, I just raped the play button over and over again. Hopefully the movie is good!!

I think I just listened to this for more than 50 times....