It was Nana's 22nd Birthday last Friday and we had our usual private birthday dinner tradition @ La Risata, Ampang. Yes,  my all time fav Italian restaurant. Can't believe I'm blogging about her birthday again, I mean I thought I just blogged about her 21st Birthday not long ago but it's already a year! Also, it's my turn to turn 21st next month... and I have no plans yet :/ Maybe I should just sleep through my birthday month ( playing Green Day "wake me up, when september ends.." )

Back to Nana's birthday dinner, I was my idea to dine in La Risata cuz I know that their food will satisfy the girls cuz they never let me down after so many years. I've been a very loyal fan since age 10 I think. After 10 years, I still think their pizzas are the best!

I forgot what's the name of this salad but it's similar to caeser salad. ( I'm not a salad person, obviously this is Nana's fav. She has a thing for vege lol )

Mushroom soup.

Squid Ink Pasta ( they had another name for this, fail la I don't remember the names ). 
Squid ink stuff looks disgusting but trust me, it's so so so good!

 Spaghetti Alla Risata!!! One of their house specialties. 

 Everyone's fav Pizza Pepperoni ~

And... us with food #girlsbeinggirls.

Her last birthday cake this year before the clock strikes 12.
Bet she makes a lot of wishes huh.

 It took quite sometime to find the right birthday present for her. She has almost everything! We decided to get this Diptyque Fragrance set and glad that she loves it!!! Every girls loves things that smells good :D

Lastly, picture with the Brithday girl!!! Love ya deep deep!